1978 Auburn Boattail 876 Speedster
1978 Auburn 876 Speedster
Including German registration

The Auburn 851 Speedster Boattail is one of the most exclusive and rare
Vehicles on the world and was then built by Auburn Automobile Company.
This was part of the Cord and the Nozzle Corporation.
All are known for the exclusivity and quality of their vehicles.

That’s why there is a 2e generation Auburn Speedster.
These are rebuilt from the 70 ’s onwards. There are many differentiated in these
So-called second generation cars. Certain manufacturers have these vehicles
Produced under the license of Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg / Company Auburn Speedster Company.
These vehicles are all 2e generation Auburns and no replicas

All other manufacturers are replicas or replicas
Which are not comparable with 2e generation Auburn Speedster.

Our Auburn is built by California Custom Coach.
This manufacturer not only works under the license of
Auburn-Cord-Duessenberg Company but was also a part of the
Auburn Speedster Company

The model presented by California Custom Coach
Is the Auburn 876 Speedster Boattail. This model is bassed
On the 30s Auburn 851 Speedster Boattail Supercharged!

Our Auburn 876 Speedster Boattail is in absolutely good condition.
Engine and gearbox are excellent
The vehicle drives, switches, steers and brakes as expected!

The lacquer is in very good condition and has a beautiful, complete shine.
Also the convertible top is renewed and in a very good condition.
And the chrome is also in excellent condition.

Also the interior equipment is in excellent condition,
The dashboard is in very good condition
The door panels, carpet and seats are all in excellent condition.

In addition, the Auburn is equipped with good whitewall tires
And the original spoke rims.

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The car has a US Title and EU Customs documents.
We can organize transport for you.

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